Privacy Policy

CHANCE TO DANCE – PRIVACY NOTICE In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force in May 2018 I would like to make you aware of the steps Chance to Dance (c2d) has taken to aligned to the new regulations. This privacy notice is to inform you how we may collect, use and protect your personal data. Chance to Dance acts as the data controller for the purposes of data protection.

Data Collection
Dance teachers/leaders of dance organisations that are involved with c2d: Dance Teachers/leaders of dance organisations will be required to complete an acceptance form which provides details of name, organisation, address, email & telephone number. This information is kept by c2d to enable correspondence leading up to the performance and held after the performance for the reason of being able to invite the dance school/organisation to participate in future performances. Dance teachers can at any time request in writing for this information to be deleted from c2d records but schools doing this would then not automatically be invited to future events.

Children aged 16yrs and under:
When staging a performance c2d has to apply for a Body of Persons Authorisation (BOPA) from the local authority to the venue of the performance under s.37 Children & Young Persons Act 1963. C2d has to complete a local authority spreadsheet which requires the following data – child’s name, date of birth, post code, area where child is living and main authority. This information is securely passed onto the local authority for them to approve whether the performance can take place. C2D will always send data to the local authority using their encrypted channels. C2d is also required under the BOPA to retain this information for 6months from the date of the performance after which c2d will securely destroy the information it holds on children under 16yrs.

School Chaperones at theatre (rehearsal & performance)
Under the BOPA c2d has to collect information on the above of licensed chaperones name and expiry date of license on the same spreadsheet as above. Any additional DBS chaperones will be required to provide name, DBS number and issue date. This information held by c2d will also be securely destroyed after 6mths from the date of the performance.

All Dancers – emergency numbers
C2D requires emergency telephone numbers and any known relevant allergies/medical conditions of all dancers in c2d. This information is not required or included in the BOPA that 2 May 2018 Privacy Notice CHANCE TO DANCE revised 5 May 2019 is passed onto the local authority. It is for the purpose of safeguarding whilst in theatre for rehearsal and performance and is securely destroyed within 48hrs after the performance.

Shared Data:
At no time will this data be shared or sold to a third party or used for marketing purposes. However, in addition to sharing the above data with the local authority under their BOPA regulations, c2d only shares details of the Dance Schools/dance organisation, as given on the original acceptance form, with the ‘Official’ photographer and ‘Official’ DVD filming Company for means of communication to view/purchase photographs and DVDs.

How we protect your data
All electronic information you provide to c2d is kept confidential on encrypted and/or password protected hard drives and is only accessible by relevant members of c2d who require access to undertake their role. All confidential paperwork is kept in a lockable filing cabinet.

Data Movement
Going forward, all personal data exchanged between c2d and the dance school/dance organisations must be sent securely in one of the following ways:

*WeTransfer – this is a ‘free’ encrypted transfer of documents

*Via a pass-worded document (password provided by c2d)

*Via postal service (where a physical signature is required)

The Right of Access
At any point an individual can make a request relating to their data and c2d will need to provide a response within one month. C2D can refuse a request, if they have a lawful obligation to retain data but will inform the individual of the reasons for the rejection. The individual will have the right to complain to the ICO if they are not happy with our decision.

The Right to Erasure
You have the right to request the deletion of your data where there is no compelling reason for its continued use. C2D has a legal duty to keep children’s, parents and dancing school details for a reasonable time. Any dancer’s accident and injury records will be kept on file. This data is archived securely in a locked filing cabinet and is shredded after the legal retention period.

Photograph Permission
Photographs used for c2d advertising and website
Occasionally c2d would like to use some of the ‘official’ photographs for its advertising either in programmes, flyers or on the c2d website, permission is always asked for from the schools in advance of any pictures being used. Schools/dance organisations must confirm to c2d that 3 May 2018 Privacy Notice CHANCE TO DANCE revised 5 May 2019 written agreement/permission has been given to them from dancers and parents/guardians for c2d to use the photographs in this way.

For c2d performances schools/dance organisations MUST sign a confirmation to c2d that they have the relevant written consent from the parents/guardians of children aged 16yrs and under and of any of their dancers aged 17yrs and over performing in c2d for them to be in any ‘official’ photographs & to be included in dances filmed at the c2d rehearsal/performances.


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